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Excellence Moving and Storage is one of the premier moving services in Boynton Beach. We are driven to provide all our customers with the best packing, moving, and storage service in Florida. 

Everything we do is with integrity and professionalism to help our customers have a worry-free relocation experience.

We know how difficult it is to move from your comfort zone and into a new place even if it’s brimming with opportunities and adventures ahead. We also understand that you need a partner company that thinks a few steps ahead of you, one that can take care of the nitty-gritty details involved in such an important undertaking.

Excellence Move Boynton Beach movers has the experience, manpower, equipment, and facilities to help you relocate with little to no stress. From local to long distance moving, we have packing and storage options that will fit your budget.

Let Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach give you the hassle-free relocating service that you deserve. Experience excellent quality service at incredibly reasonable rates.

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We formed a team of well-trained professionals who can help us achieve our mission of providing worry-free and hassle-free moving services in Boynton Beach. 

We’ve turned packing and moving into a science and we have discovered some of the best ways to change our customers’ relocation experience into a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. From moving appliances and furniture to equipment and piano moving, our staff of knowledgeable and capable individuals is the best in the business.

From our early days in the business to present day, we have always had high standards that we have refused to compromise up to now. This is why we are one of the most trusted movers in Boynton Beach.

Residential and business movers love the quality of the service we have provided them, and you will, too, if you pick up the phone and call us now!



From the most minute details to the major ones, we made sure that you can tick every item and category that involves the packing of your belongings. 

At Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach, you never have to miss a single item during the packing process because we have made it easier for you to put everything in its proper place.  

Our staff of highly trained movers will take responsibility for the hard labor involved in the packing of your valuables. Never again will you have to wonder if you packed your items securely because our friendly and reliable staff will be around to do it for you.

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Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach has the storage options you need to rest easy when you need a place for your belongings to stay for a day, a week, or even a month!

Our storage facilities can handle practically every shape and size item that you hand over to us for safe-keeping. From furniture to appliances to pianos, we can house your big and bulky belongings and keep them from being damaged or gathering dust.

If you need a place to store smaller but numerous items, we have a place for those as well. 

Take advantage of our incredibly affordable rates! 


Local Moving

Local moving is a cinch when you have us around to help us. Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach is your friendly and professional partner when moving from one residence to another

We know how to disassemble and assemble your belongings without compromising the quality of your items. We make sure that it looks and works the same when they arrive in your new place. Whether you’re moving to a residential or commercial space, short or long distances, we maintain the same level of efficiency and quality expected of us.

Let us show you how local moving is done the right way!


Long Distance Moving

Looking for a moving company in Florida that you can trust with long distance moving? Look no further as Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach is the partner that you can lean on for long distance moving, putting your mind at ease as you make the trek to your desired destination.

Our company uses safe practices in storing your belongings that need a place to stay in for a period of time. Whether you are a residence mover or an office mover, we have storage facilities available for you to use.

We have the equipment and personnel to safely and securely handle your belongings and make sure that these arrive at your new residence without a scratch.


Office Moving

Moving from one office space to another? Do you need a partner that can help you navigate through the difficult decisions involved in moving your business? Do you need an affordable alternative to relocate your company?

Excellence Moving and Storage in Boynton Beach is the perfect partner for you!

We have helped countless others in moving their businesses from a few blocks away to the other side of town without a hitch. Office moving need not be difficult.

If you need storage for many of your office furniture or appliances, we’ve got you covered! We have various storage options that will fit your needs.

No need to second-guess your decision to transfer to a new office space because of the hassles moving. With us by your side, you’ll have a more relaxed outlook as we take the burden of office moving from you.


Why do customers choose Excellence Moving and Storage?

Being one of the premier movers in Fort Lauderdale, Excellence Moving and Storage provides efficient and secure moving at reasonable rates. We do not compromise quality. Even with our competitive rates, we set the bar for reliable, safe, and secure moving and storage services. 

We take pride in being one of the most trusted movers in Fort Lauderdale with our team highly-trained professionals who get things done with laser efficiency, punctuality, and sincerity. We show genuine care and concern to the items and properties of our clients as seen in the way we handle them. 

Our attention to detail and integrity have been our main strengths. Our clients see it in the way we move and store things. When their items arrive, they see that we followed all their instructions down to the last nitty-gritty detail.

Excellence provides safety and security in many ways. First, we are a licensed company authorized to move and store packages. Second, we guarantee that our clients’ properties are insured to protect them from unforeseen circumstances. Third, we provide extensive training for our staff to equip them on safe and secure packaging, moving, and storing.

We live for our customers’ feedback. Seeing them go through moving with smiles on their faces is more than enough reward. Our consistent excellent service has earned us our most loyal clients and numerous referrals from them. You know what they say, “When in doubt, check the reviews.” Our fantastic reviews are the best proof of the quality of service we provide.