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Long Distance Moving

Moving long-distance with Excellence Moving and Storage is a great way to ensure your possessions are moved safely. Moving long distance can be a monumental process in a person`s life. For many individuals, almost every part of their routine life is about to change significantly. Planning a move, under those circumstances, can be incredibly hectic. That`s why you should hire our services. Our approach to long-distance moving is designed to relieve our customers` anxiety during each step of the process. Our goal at Excellence Moving and Storage is to offer the best possible service at the best price. We offer moving solutions to guide through the entire moving process no matter where your move takes you.

Moving long distance requires extra planning, and our team of moving experts wants to make sure that everything you`ll need to complete your move is in place. Once we obtain the number of belongings you have, we develop a customized long distance moving plan to suit your needs. Our moving experts will coordinate your move and also provide service to have your possessions unloaded and unpacked. 

Tips for a Successful Long-Distance Move

Are you planning to make a big move across the country? As a residential moving company that serves Miami Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County, Excellence Moving and Storage understands how stressful and time-consuming moving is. Add long-distance and that amount doubles. 

These tips will be fruitful as you prepare to take the plunge and make that big move.

Pack for the Long Haul:

If you`re only moving a couple of minutes away, you can throw a couple of items in a box and move them quickly by car in a few trips. However, long-distance traveling can be hours and miles of driving. You`ll need adequate equipment to do it, and you`ll not want to make several trips. Instead, you need to utilize the services of a moving company to pack and move your items effectively. We are dedicated to making your long-distance move seamless and efficient.


This may appear like a no-brainer, but it can be draining. You`ll need to organize similar items appropriately and label them. This makes the packing and unpacking process a simple thing to undertake. It`s also ideal for the moving company or you to place items in the correct space or room they will be unpacked in. 


When moving to a new place, you don`t want to tug along a bunch of belongings you haven`t used in ages. When moving, you may need to consider getting rid of things that you don`t plan to use in your new place. This allows you to sort your items quickly.

Set a Schedule:

Set a moving schedule and stick to it. Plan what time you`ll leave and when you intend to arrive at your destination. You`ll want to reach there in the shortest time possible.