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Packing Services

The physical packing of your items in crates or boxes to be moved is quite an intimidating task. Also, determining the best way to pack and unpack your items is a task that requires a lot of attention and time. This is where we come in. Apart from moving and storage, Excellence Moving and Storage Company also offers packing services. We are devoted to making the moving process as efficient as possible for our customers. We provide a wide variety of packing services, available for local, long-distance, and even cross country moves. Our team of professional packers is highly skilled in packing the delicate of items, so you know your belongings will genuinely be protected throughout the entire moving process.

Variety of Packing Options

We offer a range of packing options that aim to meet your needs. Some of the services we offer include:

Single-Item Pack

If you`re done with most of the packing but don`t know what to do with the awkwardly shaped or sized items, then let our professionals handle them for you.

Kitchen Pack

It`s quite a task to pack all your pans, dishes, and pots in boxes, but you can always count on our staff to pack all kitchen-related items for you. 

Full Pack

With this pack, you will not have to participate in a single part of the packing process. Our team will do all the work. You can get comfortable as you look forward to a good moving day.

Why Packing is Important

Packing is the initial step of your moving process. If you want to move your business or home, you need to pack all your items, and preparation is not a walk in the park. It has to be done with precision so that all items will be safe during moving. 

Our Packing Team
You may find packing quite challenging, mainly because you are not trained to do so. Our packing team consists of well-trained packers and experts who understand every technique and have experience and knowledge about packing items, including fragile ones.
Our Packing Process
When our team packs your items for transport, they handle all your things with extra care. We pack your breakables using unique wrapping papers or bubble wrap to ensure their safety. If you have valuables like artworks and antiques, they will be safeguarded using unique materials. We protect your furniture by wrapping them in a special blanket to prevent any breakages during transit. You can stay calm knowing your items will be kept safe by our top-quality materials and proven packing techniques.
Why Choose Excellence Moving and Storage

Flexible Package

Our packing services are fully adjustable. We can do partial packing services or full packaging services depending on your needs.

Affordable Pricing

We boast of unbeatable prices for our flexible and versatile packing services. We offer tailored services and work around our customer`s preferences.

Quick Turnaround

Everyone’s time is valuable yours included. Packing involves many things, but we accomplish them in the shortest time possible.


​Most customers are amateurs compared to the professionalism of Excellence Moving and Storage. We ensure all items, regardless of their fragility, are safely and securely packed.