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Storage Services

We know that finding storage for your items in between moves can be stressing. That`s why Excellence Moving and Storage is here to help. Whether you fancy a small storage unit for a few items or several large storage rooms to hold all your furniture or possessions during a long-distance move, Excellence Moving and Storage can get you set up with a variety of options and at a reasonable price. Perfect for all moving and storage needs, our state of the art facilities differ from other companies with climate-controlled units, utmost safety, and rooms cleaned regularly to prevent dust accumulation.

Storage Services for All your Needs

Regardless of the size of your items, you can count on our professionals to accommodate your goods. We provide several storage services for both home and commercial needs:

Full-service storage

We pick up your items, transport them to our storage facilities, and offer a short- or long-term storage solution for you. 

Storage in transit

This option allows your items to stay in our secure storage facilities until you are ready to have them delivered. 

Commercial storage

Commercial storage within Miami Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County, then we are the best option to go for.

Unmatched Warehouse

Our storage warehouse is better than that of other storage companies. Factors that make our facility better than an ordinary warehouse are:


Your items are in good hands once you use our services. We store your valuable items in our state-of-the-art units. Our warehouse is one of the most secure areas to store your possessions. The storage facility undergoes regular maintenance for improved security and protection from environmental hazards.

Advanced Storage facility

Our secure and accessible facility has all you need for short-term, long-term, storage in transit, and full-service storage options. The facility is temperature-controlled to preserve the excellent condition of your items. The facility also has an inventory management system so you can access your items with ease.


Our storage facility guarantees you help to store and pick up items of any shape or size quickly and conveniently. It can fit anything you own, no matter how big it may be. These items include furniture, commercial equipment, and trampolines.

Why Choose Our Storage Services

Climate Controlled Units

Our temperature-controlled facility ensures that your items remain in good condition. They lower the risk of mold and dust, thus protecting your temperature-sensitive items.

Clean & Spacious Units

Each of the units in our storage facility is clean and spacious so that you can store your precious belongings without a struggle.


Our storage facility offers you a wide range of services, including short-term and long-term storage. If you also need storage in transit, we`ve got you covered.

Affordable Pricing

You don`t have to break the bank to get storage facilities in Miami Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County. Our storage facilities in these areas are affordable and cater to all your needs.